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Our patented V-Comfort technology allows the fiber to have a unique vertical orientation. This vertical orientation improves air permeability and higher water drainage, yielding reduced drying time. V-comfort provides 30 % more support than conventional batting at the same weight. We offer density ranges from 0.5 lb to 2.5 lb per cubic foot and can be ordered from 1 to 6 inches in loft. This product is excellent for Outdoor Patio furniture and institutional mattresses.
What is VFT?
Vertical Folding Technology is a patent product which makes the fiber stand vertically thru innovative technology; its fiber arrangements are similar to vertical wave stand and the vertical support increases greatly from the vertical standing fibers. The downy surface provides extreme comfort. Also due to the innovative manufacturing process our product may reduce the use of raw material, and the three dimensional construction also provides better air permeability as well as water permeability.
Patent Certificate
At present, VFT has received patent rights in 20 countries worldwide. It has also received the eighth honorary invention award from the Republic of China Taiwan. VFT patent product has become Shinih Enterprise's pride and it is also preferred by the consumers. Shinih Enterprise has increased VFT production lines to support our sells expansion. We believed VFT will be the leading market in the future. It will enter each family providing a happier and more comfortable life.
  • Draining water is good
  • Comfortable strength
  • Effectively cost saving
  • Fire retardent
  • The air permeability is good
  • Thickness and Density can based on customer's request
Suitable range
  • In room and outdoors furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Bedding, Sleeping bag
  • Exercise mat, mattress
  • Healthy medical supplies
  • Sound-insulated, heat insulation for building materials
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